This Week 05-07-17


The Sale of Whiteness

WEEK OF: May 07, 2017


Last week Trump was surrounded by old, fat, insignificant white men (including himself), from the House of Representatives cheering each other on, for a so-called victory with dismantling Obama-care. 

Strange, it looked like his friends, from the 'whites only country club', decided to dress up in suits that day to act like 'all-Americans' were included in their victory.

All of them look so happy, so delighted, so very grateful that whiteness is still in tact. (lol) 

I have to laugh at that 'alternative fact' for a quick second since none of them have any clue that their silly little white wonderland is quickly being dismantled all around; even as they celebrate over the weekend.

I discovered something quite amazing, quite spiritual in an organic way over the weekend that puts to shame this ongoing sale of whiteness. This discovery isn't quite unique, it just hasn't been uttered in a strategic way like the promotion of whiteness has. I discovered 'white people' have a hard time admitting openly and in public in mixed settings that 'inclusion' is American.

In fact, I took it one step further to ask a simple question to white people in various chats rooms & groups on Facebook, I asked the following question:

What do you want with people of color, genocide or inclusion? 

You know what happened, not one white person answered my question. Not one.

No one wanted to challenge me nor start an argument nor try to clarify my question.

I heard crickets; a deafening silence. I was in shock.

I said a prayer and I said to God, 'I think you blessed me with solving this issue about hate, racism or something'. 

I waited 24 hours later to check my email to see if there was any response to my message. NO response. Not one. However there was one man by the name of Jordan Lawhon who just happened to start working for the United States Army as a Sargent in April 2017, who had the audacity to stop by ROR Facebook page to leave a derogatory racial message. I was furious because clearly here is a man that swore to protect and serve this country for 'ALL' Americans and he had the nerve to come to ROR facebook page to leave a racist message. In my mind, I said this is a PR nightmare for the United States Army to have a Sargent prance around promoting racial hate during his 'off-hours' while perpetrating a fraud in his 9-5 that he will protect all Americans. It was damning at the very least. But therein lies the truth. This US Army Sargent believes America is White and solely for White people. Which represents the selling of Whiteness including Trump's participation with spreading whiteness while clapping with White Men about dismantling Obama-care.

The truth still remains America is NOT WHITE and America has never been 'white'. No matter how much 'white people' want to continue to blatantly sell whiteness to more white people.

Whiteness is sold everywhere without any consideration that other ethnic groups are American. I sincerely believe all of us continue to be so caught up in 'white-luxury', 'white-exclusion', 'white-segregation' and just daily 'white-ness' that majority of us have become numb to the truth about America's racial inequality. People of Color are everywhere. E-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e.

So unless white people really want to up the ante by expanding more whiteness, then I believe white people need to state what they want with people of color and state it in a point blank way without any ambiguity.

What do you want with people of color, genocide or inclusion? 

Trump needs to go on record, so does Marie Le Pen, Putin, Xi and every other world leader that's running around trying to buy up as much whiteness as possible and answer that question.

I guarantee you, that question is the ultimate showstopper.

And make no mistake about it, the more this question is asked to every white person that believes 'white nationalism' or 'white privilege' should continue to have a seat at the table, you mark my words, that question will begin to dismantle every idea, concept and vision of whiteness in our lifetime.

It's a bold claim but try the question on for size yourself and you will begin to notice how this question activates an invisible kryptonite among white people.

Trump-care is essentially 'white-privilege-care'. Period.

So why did we witness old, fat, insignificant white men, including Trump, cheer each other on for dismantling Obama-care, mind you with the full knowledge that 50K of Americans will die each year?

Well, the answer to that question can be found within my simple question:

What do you want with people of color, genocide or inclusion? 

It feels really good when God helps you to sift through bull-shit and you finally get to the truth of things..... and boy did this truth really set me free! 

~ Pamela Lawrence