This Week 04-30-17

"All The Good Guys Died"

McCauley “Mac” Conner, born 1913, created advertising campaigns for a variety of products during the decade when the advertising industry was at its height and centered on Madison Avenue. His illustrations for leading women’s magazines such as Redbook and McCall’s animated a wide range of popular literature, from romantic fiction and detective stories, to topics of import such as Cold War anxiety and juvenile delinquency. His work is a “time capsule” of an era when commercial artists helped to redefine American style and culture.

By: McCauley "Mac” Conner | Cosmopolitan January 1951


Mad Men of a Mad Mad World

WEEK OF: April 30, 2017


Trump is a mad man. He's an unpredictable, lonely, mad man.

To be blunt, Trump is surrounded by an assortment of unpredictable, lonely, 'mad men'; from Putin to Jong-un, to Bannon to Spicer and more. 

Take a look around people, there's a lot of mad men running around in a mad mad world, pulling strings, lying on demand, playing with Russia, hiding money and manipulating reality.

The truth is, it's not going to stop. It's just the beginning, which is barely scratching the surface of Hell. 

Every week I shake my head as to what will happen next with who, why, when and how. And every week I'm still clueless with how to explain the last breaking news story on CNN. Yes, I am still trying to absorb Flynn's immunity request along with his quick cash stash of 40K from Russia that Trump claims he's glad he fired him when he did while still singing Flynn's praises. Mind you, all of this goes on while Jong-un decides to launch 'baby-bombs' to test Trump's anger.

Does everyone truly believe that Xi from China loved Trump's chocolate cake so much that Xi will somehow allow chocolate to blur his military memory, might and power to prevent Jong-un's itchy finger? Trump has no clue about why China needs North Korea. So a little bit of pressure by Xi against North Korea is only being done to appease Trump and his great chocolate cake. On the flip-side Xi distracts Trump by being appearing to be endearing by offering Trump's daughter Ivanka 3 Chinese trademarks for her brand of jewelry, bags and spa services. (Read about Ivanka Trump here.)

Utterly insane mad men + woman.

I really can't tell who's got it better in this mad mad world of insanity? Trump, Putin, Flynn, Bannon (where ever he is) Spicer, Jong-un, Jared or Ivanka?

Let's get this out of the way, Ivanka's insanity goal is clear, she wants to be a billionaire. Period. By any means necessary; which includes finding clever ways to persuade people she's really not the bad-guy/girl' by baking cookies, cakes and goodies for neighbors and secret service to make it seem as though she's really normal. Along with those social diplomacy gimmicks that looks like the younger version of a sorority pledge drive by making certain her daughter was capable of singing Mandarin Chinese to Xi and his wife to sway Ivanka's 'Asian new friends' that 'whiteness is for sale'. Not to mention Ivanka's added bonus is injecting the obvious in the ears of many that her wonderful well mannered & well groomed Jewish husband is really modernizing Washington since he has set up shop in the White House which is right next door to her father Trump. So yeah becoming a billionaire isn't so out of reach when influence, access and white privilege is on daily open house display at West Wing Inc.

Now, the rest of the men on the list, well their insanity intention might be just as simple as Invanka's. Of course all of them want some form of power, world domination, recognition, money, perks and of course great chocolate cake on demand. (damn-it)

Nothing's changed here. It's still the same ole cliche with 'mad men' running a mad mad world for selfish reasons.  

I always laughed and marveled every time I saw the opening for Mad Men because the concept is so brilliant having a man jump off a building while slowly looking at the images of his life.

So who does that? Well, of course 'mad men' do.  Of course they think about jumping because all of them know the 'it' gets too much, too fast and that 'it' gets out of control.

Trump's been in office over 100 days, he knows he's in over his head. Trump is missing his old life.....

Humm, that sounds like a precursor to what exactly.......?

I certainly don't believe Trump is remotely crazy enough to jump but I do believe he might just 'run-away'. (lol)

 ~ Pamela Lawrence