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A Trip To Trump's Hell

WEEK OF: April 02, 2017


Flynn wants immunity.

Hell's doors are officially open for Trump, indefinitely. But then again, I believe those door have been open for quite some time now. Just a hunch. ;-)

Since my print news consumption is all over the place, I read a really interesting article by Bloomberg Politics titled, "Flynn Wants Immunity. Here's Why It's Complicated" by Laurence Arnold (click here for article)

Whether you're for or against Trump, the article is actually a good read on many levels. For starters, the article outlines the following interesting points:

1. What’s immunity?
In the context of Congress, it’s a privilege that can be granted to compel the testimony of a witness whom lawmakers really want to hear from. It means that the witness’s testimony cannot be used in any criminal prosecution.
2. Does Flynn’s offer mean he broke a law?
Not necessarily. He could be seeking safe haven from what Trump, his former boss, called "a witch hunt." On the other hand, some have suggested that Flynn violated the Logan Act -- an obscure 1799 law prohibiting regular people from dabbling in international diplomacy -- in his December 2016 phone call with the Russian ambassador, Sergey Kislyak. The two men discussed new sanctions imposed by Barack Obama, who was still president. The possibility that Flynn wasn’t entirely forthcoming to the FBI about the scope of that phone call raises another potential legal liability for him.
3. Would that make Flynn off-limits to prosecution?
Not entirely. The immunity Congress grants, often called "testimonial" or "use" immunity, only means that the witness’s testimony can’t be used in a criminal prosecution. If there’s other evidence of a crime, the person can still be charged. Only the Justice Department can give a broader "transactional" immunity from being prosecuted.
4. Does Flynn’s offer mean he has dirt on others?
Again, not necessarily. He might, for example, be looking to clear his name or tell his side of the story before others tell it for him. Congress does have a way to get a sneak peek at what Flynn might say by asking him for a proffer -- preliminary information that could then be used to expand the investigation. While a proffer by Flynn couldn’t be used against him, he could still be held criminally liable on the basis of other evidence. Adam Schiff, the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, said any request for immunity will require "a detailed proffer of any intended testimony."


The points that are outlined by Arnold above are quite plausible. However on the flip-side the juicy part of the story isn't Flynn's immunity it's the fall out in Russia. An intelligence security expert by the name of Clint Watts stated the following via Senate Intelligence Committee: "follow the trail of dead Russians". Read article here'


Independent article states the following:

US senators probing possible links between Russia and the Trump team have been told to “follow the dead bodies” as they hunt for evidence of the Kremlin’s involvement in last year’s presidential election. Appearing before the Senate Intelligence Committee, national security expert Clint Watts said several Russians linked to the investigation into Kremlin disinformation activities have been killed in the past three months.
The alleged murders were carried out not only in Russia, but in western countries as well, Mr Watts said. Head of Trump-Russia probe refuses to reveal intelligence source
He also accused Donald Trump of using the same techniques employed by Russian operatives against his own political opponents.
Asked by Republican Senator James Lankford why Vladimir Putin’s supposed tactics of attempting to influence the US election were “much more engaging this time in our election”, Mr Watts replied: “I think this answer is very simple and is what no one is really saying in this room.
“The reason active measures have worked in this US election is because the commander-in-chief has used Russian active measures at times against his opponents.”


Let me repeat the last sentence in bold letters, 

"The reason active measures have worked in this US election is because the commander-in-chief has used Russian active measures at times against his opponents.”

So the question at this time is this, 'When did Trump check into Motel Hell? 

Over the past several weeks, I've written the following, Either Trump will have no other choice but to 'shut the fuck up' or 'get the fuck out'.

At this time, since the Russian Stench is so bad Trump may have to shut the fuck up after all and then get the fuck out!!!

Here's my opinion, Trump is covering up something and of course the Intelligence Community knows exactly what happened. For now the Intelligence Community are squeezing out rats strategically via drip drip drip of leaks. Which by the way is the best way to go since one rat (Flynn) has volunteered to step forward to 'rat' on somebody else.

Either way, Trump's Dante's Inferno has multiple levels. I wonder which level will make him scream out-loud.......Why? Well didn't Trump walk out the Oval Office huffing and puffing without signing an executive order. Yes he did. Trump walked out the Oval Office on Friday March 31, 2017 without signing his executive order because Trump got scared about what the Press would ask him questions about Russia. In fact Pence had to pull Trump's sleeve demanding him to come back into the Oval Office to sign the executive order. Trump refused to sign and he left the building! 

Well, well, well; Trump actually started to zip his lip...... and he ran out the door! ahahahahahahah

Oohh how the trip to Trump's hell looks soooooooooooooo entertaining!!!

Where's my popcorn!      

~ Pamela Lawrence