This Week 04-23-17

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The New Yorker Cover February 01, 2016

By Barry Blitt "Bad Reception"


Hundred Days of Humpty Dumpty Lies

WEEK OF: April 23, 2017



  1. Day One, Trump lied about inauguration crowd size.

  2. Day Two, Trump lied some more about inauguration crowd size.

  3. Day Three, Trump lied about 'biographical record'....

  4. Day Four, Trump's lied about the economy.

  5. Day Five, Trump's lied about crime.

  6. Day Six, Trump isn't taking any prisoners and doubles down on lying about everything.

  7. Day Seven, I throw in the towel and use The Washington Post 'cliams/lie' tracker to keep track of Trump's lies.



There's nothing really to say that none of us don't know, Trump's a liar.

I don't have patience for liars, nor their isms. I won't waste my time offering my clever two cents. Instead I'd rather offer everyone the link to Washington Post's '100 Days of Trump Claims' for your entertainment, amusement and social research to check out Trump's inability to tell the truth on practically every issue; starting from day one.

I know this won't be surprising to many but it's rather refreshing since this is the information needed to impeach Trump on so many levels.

Honestly there's no need to count nor keep track of Trump's lies. 

Instead, keep track with how 'humpty dumpty falls' based on his lies. This is the trail to follow since it offers insight into how no one will ever take part in condoning humpty's behavior not even humpty's so called 'king's horsemen'.  Eventually no one will want to put humpty back together again, not under any circumstances; not even turbo tax. (lol)

Lies scatter. It's always virtually impossible to any lie back in the box once they are let loose.


 ~ Pamela Lawrence