This Week 03-19-17

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59 Days Of Over-The-Top Cra-Cra Crazy

WEEK OF: March 19, 2017


First, let me get this out of the way, "Trump Shut-The-Fuck-Up or Get-The-Fuck-Out!"

Today, Sunday March 19, 2017, marks 59 days of Trump's 'so-called-over-the-top-cra-cra-crazy-presidency'. That's with the little 'p' no pun intended, but then again.....

As I shake my head with continued disbelief, I know in my gut this man is literally crazy and clearly I don't have an ounce of respect for this person. That said, I've realized something that's not too pleasant, he won't shut-the-fuck-up. My profanity is pointed and necessary because he deserves no respect, nor deference to garner any form of sympathy for any reason. I am not excusing my French, he's not the 'president', as in the capital 'P' nor does he deserve any ounce of high ranking treatment for any reason, since he's technically 'the--joker'.

All of us has endured 59 days of over the top crazy and the only conclusion to this altered state of American existence is this, Trump is a pathological liar. Period. What's damning is knowing 'the joker' was capable of telling more truths than Trump. Trump is more out of control than 'the joker'. So the question becomes what is the the speed in which Trump is squeezed out of office due to his lying his lack of credibility and his inability to seek medical treatment for his mental condition which must be examined based on his continued efforts to not engage in truths. Clearly this is the path Trump is traveling down very very quickly. Even The-Joker saw his fate for not being able to tell the truth.

My quotes, 'get-the-fuck-out' is the plan. In fact, it's still the 'strategic underground plan' by so many Washington agencies that creative 'brio' by the power base continues to spill over each day as Trump continues to elevate and dig-in deep with his over the top lies. The Wiretapping & Russia stench is so bad, I believe Trump is now smelling his own blood of vulnerability whereby Trump changes his story hour to hour to cover his ass based on lies. Flipside, Trump knows he's failing and quickly. Trump never found a way to use 'the truth' to his advantage instead he doubled-down on amateur techniques to convey falsehoods that no one is willing to be on Trump's island anymore. No One!

Victor Blackwell from CNN wrote a brilliant piece titled '8 Years of Baseless Claims'; no evidence to support trump's claims about far-fetch conspiracy theories. Blackwell's reporting was so brilliant that I wanted to post side by side some of Trump's tweets, accumulated over time which speaks to this man's assassin & legitimate lunacy. Click for Blackwell's story

As of today there's no more excuses for Trump nor about Trump. Period.

No one will go fetch to cover his baseless stories and no agency is going to endorse this behavior publicly. Not anymore. The shoe has dropped and the fat-lady-is singing. It's just a matter of time whereby Trump is dumped in the abyss just like 'the-joker'. But then again Trump has a 'trump-card' he could in fact play-out or utilize which could actually save 'his ass' from the inevitable squeeze by the power base to leave. Trump could do one of the following: 

  • Shut-The-Fuck-Up.  Ironically this strategy would help Trump to breathe a little bit but for a short period of time to find his footing by picking dates to admit 'truths'  or reverse baseless claims which could help cultivate credibility Trump desperately needs without getting a mental evaluation. 
  •  Get-The-Fuck-Out, would enable Trump to seek early retirement without being dragged into impeachment via an Obama Libel Case; which in fact Trump would lose and all of Trump's 'gotham city imposters' would have to flee the building but at least voluntary leave would be on 'his terms' just like Nixon versus Washington's terms.  

 By day 100, which is in 41 more days, I believe all of us will have an answer as to what Trump will do.

In the end, The-Joker did 'kinda sorta jump'; so that's saying something.

~ Pamela Lawrence