This Week 03-12-17

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The International Incident

WEEK OF: March 12, 2017


By default, Trump is an International Incident; period. 

For this week's submission I actually had to look up the exact correct definition for 'international incident' just to see if Trump could somehow escape something so obvious.

To my surprise Wikipedia didn't update the latest Trump malfunction event about 'Obama wiretapping' which in my opinion including the Intelligence community, Trump is an 'international incident' ironically the media started to share more information about Russia & Trump AFTER Trump opened up his big mouth. (hahahahah)

What makes this so funny and yet so troubling at the same time is Trump's inability to keep his lies straight while maintaining is drum-beat daily obsession over Obama; mind you Obama is still getting standing ovations from the American public while casually leaving secluded restaurants in New York City. Of course Trump is furious!!! 

The biggest tease about the entire Obama obsession was/is Trump's ongoing 'hide and go seek' stance with 'everyone'. In fact Trump even signed that Muslim Ban Bill behind closed doors with a photographer taking pictures of his signature.  (hahahahah)

The 2nd biggest oh-my-God tease is the Russian Bank's computer looking up and doing 'Morse-Code-Love-Taps' to Trump's computer and Trump's friend Davos's computer. (hahahahah)

The 3rd biggest oh-my-God moment is Flynn getting caught as Foreign Agent, Lobbyist for Turkey. Another sneaking bastard in the stables of Trump. Damn (hahahahah)

The 4th biggest oh-my-God moment is watching US Attorneys get fired overnight by Trump.

Once again, by default Trump is an International Incident, he's a bonafide mess and the mere fact that he is in the White House makes him an 'international incident'.

  • Wikipedia Definition:  "An international incident usually arises during a time of relative peace between nation-states, and in general is, on the surface, an unexpected event. Conflicts that grow out of a series of escalating skirmishes between nation-states generally are not considered international incidents"...

So what now? What next? What will happen this week? What?

While Trump continues to hide out like a coward while Obama laughs behind scenes raking in gazillions for his story including Michelle, I believe more men & women wearing hats, dark coats & glasses will be lurking behind the scenes to complete a mission that's turning out to be not impossible, publicly prove Trump's incompetence versus speculate.

Why? Because everyone can smell 'impeachment' around the corner. Trump was always 'the' International Incident; all along.  

It's time to watch old Mission Impossible movies to get inspired about resolving missions that aren't complicated. Trump isn't a complicated mission.

He's an annoying gnat with friends. 

~ Pamela Lawrence