This Week 03-05-17

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The Russian Affair

WEEK OF: March 05, 2017


The aroma, the appetite & the aphrodisiac of global power adds up to an exquisite Russian Affair.

So the question becomes, did Trump willingly and knowingly co-mingle(d), interact(ed) and solicit(ed) Russian operative(s) before taking office as the 45th President of United States?

I will be bold and state, 'yes' of course Trump did and so did his surrogates:

  • Paul Manafort - National Chairman Presidential Campaign for Donald J Trump
  • Jeff Sessions - US Attorney General
  • Jared Kushner - Senior White House Advisor/Son-in-Law
  • Michael Flynn - Resigned NSA Advisor
  • JD Gordon - Director of National Security Presidential Campaign for Donald J Trump
  • Carter Page - Ex/Trump Advisor
  • Walid Phares - Trump's Middle East Advisor

Why? Well there's so many motives for Trump to be involved with the Russians, that I find it quite funny and just down right laughable that no one in the press or media has begun the process to unravel the most obvious reasons why Trump would solicit Russian operatives before the election; it's all about power (stupid), global domination, money and of course 'sex'.

Every man secretly wants to be 'James Bond' even if it's for the high-profile sex-capades with beautiful women.

  1. How did we forget so quickly about Trump's profane sexplicit tape with Billy Bush?
  2. When did we lose sight of Trump's ego catering to Trump's ego?

As much as Trump flirted with promoting 'great business relationship with Russia' to his base of supporters, that promo was just a 'primer' for Trump to gain access to Russia more freely with American populous support. Then Trump's global business agenda could be achieved more easily behind the scenes through private communication via paid surrogates; which is the reason for the ongoing investigation by the intelligence community.

Also, let's not forget, Trump was well aware of Hillary's exploitation of State Department's access with Clinton Foundation. OOhh those plentiful ideas of making global wealth accumulate via casual interactions and so-called innocent transactions from a power base called GOV. Don't get me wrong a lot of Clinton's camp/people have fought tooth and nail about those allegations but on the flip-side what makes you think Trump didn't get any ideas.............?

Surely democracy wouldn't stop Trump from expanding his global empire ideas if it could be done 'cleverly' with attorneys and paid 'private-friends'.

Lastly, Trump is a business man looking to make a deal even with the devil even if it means a profit can be generated; therefore Russia is no different in Trump's mind. Keep in mind, the United States 'intelligence-threat' is Trump's ongoing inability to digest 'the-truth' about anything including Russia's dirtiness; which is Putin's daily victory, Trump's ignorance.

The only thing Putin needs to do is leverage American power by feeding Trump's ego. Thus far, it's working since Trump continues to promote Russia even in the midst of his Russian connections with his surrogates Paul Manafort, Jeff Sessions, Jared Kushner (son-in-law), Michael Flynn, JD Gordon, Carter Page, Walid Phares.

Any affair & all affairs are exotic, foreign & unfamiliar which adds to the excitement to want to have an affair; it's a sexy seduction of sorts. It's the Chanel No 5 perfume in the air that amplifies the possibilities of conquering the unknown regardless of what could be at risk or at stake which ultimately leaves powerful men wanting more and wanting at the very least 'a taste'. I believe Trump wants a taste of a Russian seduction that's cloaked in global power and so does Putin. So yes of course why shouldn't they both aspire to be so-called 'friends' while risking American democracy. 

Trump is a conqueror by arrogance not by intellect nor by might but by the very same qualities dictators always find themselves in the pit of hell for.  Lastly, for those around these men (Trump/Putin) as surrogates and paid friends that find their supporting roles as sexy, it's the surrogates that find pathways to expedite the Russian seduction that compliments and reinforces the grand egos of their power-induced bosses. It's sexy to be powerful, globally. How did everyone forget that fact........?

Let's not forget Trump's willingness to throw sand in the fire by adding a fake distraction called 'wire-taping by Obama'.  Which by the way is so fake, flat out lie since there's so many legal steps that need to executed prior to an official wire-tap of any American citizen via FISA court that Trump's lack of intellectual prowess is now on center stage to pick apart by the Intelligence community on-demand.  Voila we finally have the first shoe drop by the FBI demanding Justice Department to 'refute' any and all claims of wire tapping. 

Let's revisit what I wrote last week for week of 02/26/17 ---->

"So the question becomes, how long can Trump continue to disregard 'the truth' about everything including the press before he realizes 'enemy of the state' has transitioned into 'intelligence-threat?' Humm, I'd give it another 2 weeks. Why? Well the Republican Congress can smell Trump's vulnerability in his blood and they can even smell their own vulnerability if they continue down the path to disregard 'the truth', 'the press', intelligence' etc.. Trump will have no other choice but to fold and possibly do it in public.... Let me reiterate this once again the Intelligence Community started to smell blood before Trump became President .... I believe strategies are being discussed with various people and departments to deal with the current 'intelligence - threat'.  Trump's daily bleed-out about not believing 'the truth' is the intelligence-threat."

We are finally at a crossroads whereby Trump's inability to tell the truth is finally rearing-its-ugly-head thus the swiftly unraveling of Russia! Fake news is now being dismantled against the backdrop of Trump's stupidity. And let us never forget this fact, Trump's stupidity as well as his lying and not being able to tell the truth is the number one intelligence-threat for the United States of America.   

So, 'yes' all roads lead to Russia; it always has. Trump was never about protecting Democracy abroad regardless of his intelligible lip-service. Trump is a Liar and Trump's mission was always about advancing his vision of global power by any means necessary which is the most obvious reason for Trump to have an exquisite Russian Affair. 

Now of course I'm speculating about all of this but then again....

~ Pamela Lawrence