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Enemy of the State

WEEK OF: February 26, 2017


Who is the Enemy of the State?

The 45th President of United States of America, Donald J. Trump.

 Go figure, it's not Edward Snowden, the NSA, Jason Bourne nor Will Smith; which all of these names could be plausible to assume as an enemy on some fantastical or literal level, but for all intents and purposes most would factor in 'extremely dangerous' as a prerequisite description for an individual or a group or entity to be viewed as an 'enemy of the state'. Correct? 

Well, I believe this to be true until we begin to look at 'why' and 'who'.

The 'why' offers an explanation of the damage the person or entity or group could create and the 'who' offers a unique profile of the person or entity or group that could execute either on a single threat or multiple threats. As of today, across every news media platform with an exception to Fox News, Donald Trump has been declared as 'extremely dangerous' for myriad of reasons, such as Steve Bannon White Nationalist Security Advisor, Russian Connection, Muslim Ban, Dumping Free Press, Removing EPA Regulations, Mar Lago Paid Presidential Access, Pathological Lying etc... The list goes on and on and on but what happens if we just remove the obvious list of items that really makes Trump 'extremely dangerous' and let's throw in one word 'honest' and ask the question, is Trump honest?

Did Trump's profile change from being extremely dangerous to being extremely dishonest?

Yes his profile changed drastically and the bottom line is this, Trump is leaning towards being a person that will never ever rely on 'the truth' for anything which makes him so dangerous that he is now the number one enemy of the state for the United States. 

The most brilliant connection that Edward Snowden, Jason Bourne and Will Smith have in common was their ability to use 'truth' as a necessary strategic tool to get or demand anything they wanted including exile in a Russian airport like Snowden. Something that Trump hasn't figured out just yet. He may be able to figure this out if he's quick (highly unlikely) but for now Trump's grossly arrogant incompetence continues to blind him from commanding a larger role of credibility with all facets of Government and that said community continues to believe the word 'stupid' is still not a strong enough word to describe Trump's lack of intellect and lack of ingenuity to know how to 'govern' the press with a clever weapon called 'the truth'.

Trump doesn't know how to use 'the truth' to his advantage nor does he rely on various sources of the media to rebuild his profile into an 'honest-broker' or a man trying to 'do-the- right-thing'. Manipulation comes in all forms but for now, Trump's version of manipulation is to use dishonest statements and push them off as fact which makes him more asinine. Trump can't even smell his own stench.

On the flipside, only Hollywood super-hero(s) have figured out that goodie-two-shoes gig of being 'mr. nice guy' and how it works well if played well like Pence. So for now Trump doesn't see himself as the 'lying-villain' he only sees himself as this wonderful person that has the right to use 'alternative facts' as the best source to promote his agenda while expecting everyone to buy into his bull-shit.

To Trump's credit, he's been able to buy a lot of 'fools' with that fake-news-shtick but at the end of the day Trump's fake-news-shtick is running on empty and the Intelligence community already made an assessment that Trump will never rely upon analytical data that supports investigations to solve just basic issues. Since all of this is plain nuts everyone has deduced Trump's dumbness as longstanding. Lastly, Trump relies on a lot of people to get things done but that's diminishing very quickly and the remaining of Trump cohorts have permanently labeled him as an arrogant 'nitwit' while smiling in his face, laughing behind his back and rapidly finding sneaky ways to use their middle finger to press send to leak yummy tidbits to the press about his delusion.

So the question becomes, how long can Trump continue to disregard 'the truth' about everything including the press before he realizes 'enemy of the state' has transitioned into 'intelligence-threat?' Humm, I'd give it another 2 weeks. Why? Well the Republican Congress can smell Trump's vulnerability in his blood and they can even smell their own vulnerability if they continue down the path to disregard 'the truth', 'the press', intelligence' etc.. Trump will have no other choice but to fold and possibly do it in public.

Let me reiterate this once again the Intelligence Community started to smell blood before Trump became President especially when Edward Snowden continues to be 'relevant' on so so many levels about Russia therefore I believe strategies are being discussed with various people and departments to deal with the current 'intelligence - threat'.  Trump's daily bleed-out about not believing 'the truth' is the intelligence-threat.

Therefore in my opinion, I don't believe it's really about Trump turning into a 'dictator' of the United States which by the way would take the Military, the Intelligence, Law Enforcement & Media to fall in line for a dictatorship to work seamlessly in America.  I believe it's about Trump turning into a 'modern-day fascist' with cooperation from the Republican Leadership, House and Senate to fall in line and disregard Trump's inability to view 'the truth' as a strategic resource. For fascism to really thrive it doesn't need a person that tells the truth, it just needs a group of people to ignore the truth when the truth is told. Currently that set up is actually coming to fruition and there's nothing stopping this from happening especially when Republican leadership continue to ignore Trump's inability to rely on 'any truths', from any sources for any reason. Thus, the interesting birth of fascism.

So once again,  who is the Enemy of the State? The enemy of the state is the 45th President of United States of America, Donald J. Trump.

I loathe this part because I don't ever want to give advice to this man so I will state this, since we all know Trump isn't smart but if he was, Trump would be binge-watching Jason Bourne's movie franchise for tips on how to 1) track down the truth without using Fox News as the only source 2) how to use the truth to re-shape shaky profile and 3) learn how to start doubling down on being honest and making honest statements that can't be refuted or challenged by anyone including the press. This should be on Trump's list of things to do daily.  

Lastly, Jason Bourne may be a Hollywood flick but the point is this, villains don't win; they never do. Villains may be great to watch for the drama and plot lines but in the end, villains are eliminated either in secret or in full view like the ugly methods of Jason Bourne, which are normally messy & complicated.

Either way, it does appear as though Trump may be out the door sooner than you think and replaced by Pence. Sounds far fetch? Well think again. Villains always start off as being 'extremely dangerous' but eventually villains are 'permanently removed' normally by the hands of 'honest-truth-telling-super-heros' that remain calm, cater to routine and utilizes 'the truth' to appeal to the masses by demonstrating to the 'power base' that the really dangerous villain Trump that keeps masquerading around like a vigilante hero, is really the enemy of the state.

Now of course I'm speculating about all of this but in the back of my mind I believe Pence is rehearsing his grand entrance into the Presidency via 'impeachment'.

Here's the binge list Trump. It's a start; but then again you're still Trump.

The Bourne Identity (2002)

The Bourne Supremacy (2004)

The Bourne Ultimatum (2007)

Jason Bourne (2016)  

~ Pamela Lawrence