This Week 02-19-17

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Enablers, Court Jesters & Fools

WEEK OF: February 19, 2017


What can I say........

Do I get the jokes out of the way first or do I go straight for the juggler with the damn truth?

Let's get the joke(s) out of the way first.

First, the joke. Trump has been so distracted with his messy ensemble, 'the blacks' (like myself) we're getting a breather; just a tad bit until all hell breaks loose soon since Sessions has been preoccupied with 'other paper-work'.

Second, the truth.  It's a damn-effing-mess!

Trump is a mess! Trump's enablers, court jesters & fools are a mess. Trump's Russian connection is a full blown mess! Trump's entire Intelligence community is leaking behind his back; but technically that could be a mess but then again thank God for the leaks since intelligence is showing all of us just how incompetent Trump really is!

The worst thing about this entire mess is to see the country go down in flames while Fox News turns into America's machine for integrity of journalistic standards for media & press. WTF.

Who do we 'thank' for this damn daily drama?

Do we 'thank' the Republican enablers or the stupid cabinet court jesters or those idiots running around with senior advisory titles which most of them are now known as fools.

Who do we 'thank' or strangle for this nonsense?

That's right, almost half of the American people voted this man into office so technically most of thanks goes to my fellow Americans.

I really don't know what to think right now. I am thoroughly traumatized by this Trump person and so the next best thing is to call Canada and see how long the waiting line is for the massive exodus out. I can only imagine how long the Canadian line is.

I suspect the enablers, court jesters and fools will be out of the loop pretty soon (if not already) since the Intelligence Community has gone rogue and I believe going rogue equates to not ever trusting any american-asset(s) in the hands of an incompetent, President. Period. It's not happening folks.

Game over people. We are in a new world.

Out of everything that has happened, I believe none of us could have predicted a nursery rhyme would become our reality.

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
All the king's horses and all the king's men
Couldn't put Humpty together again.

As this week's events unfold rapidly, finding the Red Queen is a priority along with keeping tabs on the Intelligence Community; which I don't think is possible. 

For some reason I have this inkling of a feeling the Red Queen would know what to do with every enabler, court jester, fool and pesky 'so-called president' Trump. 

~ Pamela Lawrence