This Week 02-12-17



'The Truth-Seeker'

WEEK OF: Sunday February 12, 2017

Question: Can [one] be a 'truth-seeker' if [one] is unable to 'tell-the-truth'?                                                                                                                                                                             

With so much on my mind, that is the question that has been needling me for quite some time or shall I say poking-me-sideways ever since 'alternative facts' was thrown in my face.

Between fake news, alternative facts and dishonest news organizations from the questionable mouth of Trump, I started to think about how does [one] become inspired to seek out 'the truth'?

Does [one] become inspired due to a deep desire to know something or does [one] become inspired after stumbling upon a truth that wasn't initially shared due to a lie unraveling?  I believe both scenarios are inspirations but on the flip-side I thought about something quite interesting, 'do liars ever seek the truth?'

Internally I asked this question for many reasons but in the end I realized truth-seekers are the only [people] that should know how to tell-the-truth. Correct?

Of course, there are probably tons of mathematical/spiritual equations that should be applied to seeking truth but is it really necessary when telling the truth is a prerequisite to solving almost any and all problems including the ugly problems that continue to persist among humanity such as racism, poverty, health care, living wages, employment, housing etc.

I believe society seeks out 'truth-seekers' as a knee-jerk reaction based on unproven statements such as 'I have a solution or 'I can win' or 'I can make America Great again' without examining if said 'truth-seeker' is capable of telling the truth in the first place.

Ask the question, 'are-you-capable-of-telling-the-truth'?

Let's speed this up to the current occupants & staff of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and ask the question, are [they] 'truth-seekers'?                                                                                                          

Flip it around, can [those] people or better yet can Trump plus the occupants & his staff know how to tell the truth?

I suspect since 'alternative facts' and 'fake news' seems to be the White House 'answer du jour', truth-seeking wasn't probably part of their plan; not to mention telling the truth about racism, bigotry, discrimination, criminal justice, health care or immigration etc....

So who's to blame, Americans for trying to redefine 'liar' or a 'so-called truth-seeker' that was always incapable of telling the truth?                                                                                                            

All of us must examine 'who' really is a bona-fide truth-seeker. If we don't, then don't be surprised if a 'glorified liar' turns out to be the 45th President of the United States of America.                           

~ Pamela Lawrence