This Week 02-05-17

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WEEK OF: Sunday February 05, 2017

Very few people can pick out that one person that 'should' be the authority to speak about race and tackle racism except for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  

As racial tensions continue to mount day after day & week to week, with little to no evidence of ever changing, not even with a new President in the White House, who do we look to that could possibly be 'any authority' to tackle race, racism, white supremacy, white nationalists and its never-ending tentacles? 

Do we as a collective society galvanize each other to form miniature town halls as public venting sessions or should we 'act-out' by whatever means necessary to confront this issue head on regardless of consequence(s) and outcome(s)?

This week, think of a person you believe could be an authority figure that could address this daily activity of hate fueled by reprehensible beliefs about skin color.

If for some reason names aren't plentiful in your mind, see if you have the courage to place your name on this list.  If you're White, imagine what it took for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr to speak out, to protest, to go to jail, to be stabbed, to be threatened, followed by Police & FBI and then to be killed by someone White for spreading Love. If you're Black, don't forget 'our' ancestors that sacrificed their life for our lives today.

My name is Pamela Lawrence and I placed my name on the list over two years ago out of necessity because I got tired of yelling at the TV set about race. As of today, I don't regret not one day because my journey allowed me to see how denying racism continues to be the fuel that keeps hate alive.

So the question becomes, could you place your name on this list or do you find this to be a senseless challenge? Your answer could be the very reason why America either continues to be in paralysis with racism or your answer could be the very reason why America could begin to find a way to rid herself from this damning belief-system.

Look in the mirror and who do you see?                                                                                      

Do you see yourself as solution or a problem or in-denial or an authority?