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As we quickly begin to see the end of another year, I believe all of us must ask this question to ourselves, 'are we more unified, more diverse, more equal now versus a year ago?

Whatever your answer is, hopefully it's rooted in truth and hopefully your answer reflects reality versus the reality that you wish it could be.

As I evolve about racism so will Revolution of Race therefore I believe we are less unified, less diverse and less equal across the board despite humanity's great achievements.

A year ago no one knew what time would tell. A year later, time is telling all of us (bluntly) we are living in an abyss.

None of us can rely upon nor look to this current President to lead, to guide, to offer a more inclusive union for each other. The current occupant is divisive, dismissive and destructive towards humanity. Therefore I believe we have no other choice but to find the courage, tap into our own inner resolve and seek to find like minded individuals, communities, societies that are intentional about bringing forth kindness, love, compassion, healing and togetherness for inclusion to thrive. In short, that's the next move. 

As I continue to go on this fascinating journey with Revolution of Race to bring diverse people together for the betterment of humanity, I am resolute now more than ever before to bringing forth Revolution of Race's mission to do more, be more and become more for each other. Sounds fluffy. However, when we take a step back and start looking at the grand scheme of things, the truth is, none of us has anything to lose with 'fluffy or utopian' dreams of unity. In short, it's called h-o-p-e.

Moving forward Revolution of Race will begin to introduce pilot programs/events, services & tools that ushers in unique ecosystems that embraces hope to help all of us become more unified, more diverse, more equal.

That's our next move. 

  • Revolution of Race is transitioning into a modern digital media presence that embodies the foundation of an ecosystem for diversity. The beginning of this phase starts with ROR Network which will be our central hub that introduces ROR's programs, services, tools, events and any other media related projects about and for diversity.  ROR Network launch will be January 2018. 
  • This Fall as our season opener for 2017, The ROR Journal (aka The RJ) begins this transitional journey by offering each of you a comprehensive explanation as to how we got here, why this transition was needed, necessary and non negotiable for Revolution of Race's next move. You can read The RJ here:
  • Also for this Fall Season, Revolution of Race will be producing & hosting 3 Pilot Program event series called Breaking Bread whereby 1 Chef prepares a great meal for a diverse group of people underneath 1 Tent + 1 Barn + 1 Community Hall to talk about racism and how to heal wounds of hate. Breaking Bread Series will take place before and around Thanksgiving Holiday, for the month of November 2017 in various locations throughout New York State. All of this will help us prepare for a national roll-out for the Breaking Bread Series beginning Spring 2018.  Sign up below. 
  • For 2018, Revolution of Race will be rolling out blocks of creative hubs to help us, push us and provoke us to act now versus react to what we are being fed politically & nationally.  Keep in mind Diversity, Inclusion & Equality aren't great slogans or options or great things to think about momentarily nor is 'this' up for debate as if humanity should shrink on the whims of hate. We must act and we must take a stand even if alone to make a better now; which will eventually make a better tomorrow for us all. Being provocative for racial harmony is the revolution.  

Lastly, I believe we're all traumatized by the state of affairs in this country.  Traumatized by Trump. Traumatized by tweets. Traumatized by temper tantrums by a silly man who is incapable of ushering in the basic decorum needed and necessary for the Presidency of United States. Charlottesville, Immigration Bans, Puerto Rico Hurricane Tragedy, Niger Ambush, Congresswoman Wilson Attack/Lies by so-called General, NFL Showdown, Russia Collusion & Comey Firing etc. and no legislation achievements to help this country move forward in peace. Nothing has been done to bring any of us together. This is our reality. Therefore we must be clear and make a decision as to where the content of character will rest its fate.    

The question becomes what will be your next move towards, healing, peace, civility, inclusion, equality & diversity?

I hope your answer is to reach out and find communities that speaks the language of harmony for humanity. I ask that each of you continue to take this journey with Revolution of Race and explore our projects, our new platforms and the possibilities that continues to lie before us to give us hope for unity.

Let us all evolve into a society we all had a hand in crafting & creating for the betterment of us. 

Be The Revolution

~ Pamela Lawrence | Founder/Creative Director


Breaking Bread Interactive Culinary Experience is designed to bring together a diverse group of people underneath 1 Tent/Barn/Community Hall to talk about racism and how to heal the wounds of hate over a great meal. If interested and in New York let's break bread together and sign-up to be apart of this exclusive pilot event series around Thanksgiving Holiday 2017. Additional details will be forthcoming.
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