ROR Holiday Message



The Holidays are here, The New Year is around the corner and my heart has been heavy with life's state of affairs.

I can't escape the truth of my painful #metoo experience(s) nor can I escape the truth with my decisions to be vocal about racism within my family, community & beyond. There are consequences with speaking truth and there are consequences with remaining silent.  

Last week, most of us had an opportunity to witness The Royal Family usher in a new era of modern royalty. So subtle and yet so very sweet to see love bring forth changing hearts of ancient rules and men. Amazingly, the word or the term or the truth of 'being biracial' doesn't have that haunting affect of drama and damnation that would crumble Royal Crowns. Instead, acceptance and tolerance are now becoming the norm versus being torn. Just the simplest opening of 'Hi I'm Meghan' is how truth represents welcoming the content of one's character over color. Congratulations Harry & Meghan. Thank You for your Light & Love! 

  • Women are quickly turning the page and stating in so many words 'your penis and power violated me as a woman, damn-it. Enough already 'the penis is over-rated!'
  • Who's next. Who lied. Who continues to lie and hide. Days are numbered for so many men. Wolves in sheep's clothing hiding behind loyalists, enablers, smoke mirrors, smear campaigns and clever hacking. 
  • Ooh yes, what can I state about Trump......? Well, well, well, tweets will now have a bigger impact on impeachment. Karma is a bitch so are Trump's hateful, racist, stupid old man tweets. 

So much has happened with myself & Revolution of Race, I've been drained, weary and exhausted. Silence became necessary which has ushered in a new perspective of understanding. Glimmers of hope continue to bring forth new avenues for Light to flood my world and the ROR Network. I do believe it's turning out to be a new enlightening Merry Christmas on all fronts.

The RJ will be closed for now however the first installment of The RJ was a necessary 'honey-pot' to get a final security snapshot of infiltration. Thank You to those that were just 'curious'. The ROR Network 2018 will be here soon with projects and disclosure for this long hiatus. A lot will be discussed. Thank You for your patience.

As you continue to celebrate the Holidays, take in the subtle visual truths of diversity & equality mankind continues to offer during this season of giving. It's everywhere, movies, commercials, shopping, community holiday gatherings, spiritual & religious outings & musicals. The truth is inclusion, integration and embracing our differences was always the reality of daily life and for some reason the Holidays seems to amplify the beautiful reality of 'us'. 

Let us all evolve into a society we all had a hand in crafting & creating for the betterment of us. 

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

~ Pamela Lawrence | Founder/Creative Director