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Initially in 2015, I wanted to create an online 'space' to vent with others and exchange thoughts about race & racism in America because I was yelling at the TV set morning, noon and night. However over time, I realized the evolution of my 'blackness' became the center-piece of discussion peppered in here and there with projects, collaborations, podcasts, music ventures etc... I began to realize I was trying to find a way to help myself heal myself from racial wounds I never had a chance to reveal due to how I was raised with not being able to speak about race & racism openly within my own family. So in essence, Revolution of Race turned into a personal laboratory of modern day therapeutic social experiment exploring personal questions and internal trauma that left me feeling either hurt, dismayed, confused, troubled or just simply traumatized. ROR was my therapy and interestingly enough I found it to be a source of ________ for others as well (you can fill in the blank). 

Overtime I devised a plan to craft and create interesting avenues to magnify brilliant voices that understood racism more than myself and discuss their racial experiences as a form of insight that wasn't being discussed in mainstream media. So it's funny what a difference 2 years has made since 'racial discussions' are now everyday mainstream news stories on every channel all day everyday. I guess we have to thank Trump for this new shift in racial consciousness which is wonderful in a way since I believe Trump has forced all of us to really take a stand to define our hearts about humanity and racial tolerance.

All of us, one way or another has evolved to open up this painful wound but yet and still I believe some of us are still standing in the same position as if slavery was invented literally yesterday. Not all of us speak the language of diversity, inclusion and equality for the sake of humanity; either Black or White no race can claim they're exempt.

In short, I've encountered mean, nasty & racially intolerant people of every color throughout my entire experience with Revolution of Race. And honestly as of today I really don't know which racial group is worse. Basically in my opinion, I believe every racial group is at each other's throats on some level and I began to wonder why? Is it greed? Is it power? Is it egotistical recognition to be the next racial guru. I questioned my own people within my own racial ethnic group, African Americans to find out why is it hard & difficult for us to be a genuine collective to lift our own people up for justice, for love, for honor, for equality for racial justice without a popularity contest being involved or some form of jealousy taking over stealing greatness from peering through. I haven't found any answer; at least not now and not yet.

Moving forward, ROR's Purpose, Mission, Philosophy, About & Journey will not change instead it will just simply add a new thread of Truth to the mix to root out hate's so called 'id' that continues to be hidden from view preventing all of us including myself from fully healing our inner racial wounds. This hate infects all of us with foreign objects that prevent light, love & life from flooding our hearts, the hearts of men & women.

I never created Revolution of Race to be 'popular' which is the reason why there's no picture of myself on any page of ROR nor any social media asset owned by ROR. Sometimes I offer my picture in private to some people because of those 'social rules' but in the end I hate it because I know judgments are formed the instant one glances at an image and in my mind content of character is never pondered when one glances at an image. And shouldn't content of character be the intention of image glancing to dispel hatred as per Dr Martin Luther King Jr's vision? I am guilty of this human flaw. 

Nor did I create Revolution of Race to profit nor devise revenue model/stream based on race/racism especially not on the backs of (my) people of color that continues to endure racial injustice & inequality. I always believed if there was profit to be made and had underneath Revolution of Race then those profits must be made and had for every racially oppressed person living in America. If one eats all must eat. That's the only philosophical profit model that could ever exist for Revolution of Race locally, nationally and globally.

Every voice featured on Revolution of Race's Podcast Platform are voices that ought to be explored & shared during this time of racial revolution.  I believe in paying-it-forward philosophy and I also believe curating voices that speaks truth to power about the shame of race is necessary for their to be racial healing. In short we need each other to help heal each other.  

Yes, I believe I am doing my part but honestly I believe I can do more underneath the umbrella of Revolution of Race regardless if there are followers or not haters or latest gossip about myself or Revolution of Race. I am guided by an internal spiritual compass that continuously leads me towards 'the truth', always; no matter what. I am guided by all things pertaining to Truth. Therefore, I want to understand how race & racism affects me, how it continues to affect humanity and how all of us can find a way to heal these wounds of shame about skin color. In the end 'this truth', continues to be my purpose, my mission, my journey & my philosophy.

Lastly, I truly believe 'no race is superior' therefore Revolution of Race will always be about the business of inclusion, diversity and equality.  Humanity is stronger together when we are inclusive and 'tokenism' is not an example of inclusion. Tokenism is designed to deceive the heart of humanity by singling out certain people of color to make them feel 'special' which doesn't include all brothers and sisters of color to enjoy all the fruits humanity has to offer.  For now, the question becomes are you about being inclusive? If so, what are you prepared to do to showcase that truth?

I miss Nelson Mandela for many reasons however the main reason why I miss Nelson Mandela is for his willingness to dedicate his life to his African People against the shameful legal practice of apartheid. Read Nelson Mandela's entire transcript and see if it takes your breath away with what one man was willing to do for his people because of racial hatred. 'I Am Prepared To Die' | Full Transcript:    

"During my lifetime I have dedicated my life to this struggle of the African people. I have fought against white domination, and I have fought against black domination. I have cherished the ideal of a democratic and free society in which all persons will live together in harmony and with equal opportunities. It is an ideal for which I hope to live for and to see realized. But, My Lord, if it needs be, it is an ideal for which I am prepared to die." ~Nelson Mandela

I am prepared to die' Speech. Nelson Mandela spoke on the dock during the Rivonia Trial, Pretoria Supreme Court, 20 April 1964. This transcript is as published on the Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory website. Please Read via Nelson Mandela Foundation:    

As you reflect upon Nelson Mandela's words, I sincerely hope that his words will open up another pathway for each of us to find meaningful ways to denounce hate in all forms, globally. 

Pamela Lawrence | Founder/Creative Director 

Be The Revolution.